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As I suspected, we watched School of Rock. It wasn't anything magnificent, and I probably would've enjoyed Kill Bill alot more. But hey, what can you do. Also, in this town, underage people are NOT allowed in Rated R movies. They don't give a shit if you are Hilary Duff, they'll kick your ass out. Of course in a bible-thumping city like this, how could you not see it coming? They are pretty damn strict about that. Although that doesn't stop our state to be one of the top states that execute people AND jail women.

I've got an ear infection :(. The left part of my ear connected to my jaw has been aching for days, and now I know why, it's been infected e.e; My whole fucking head has been infected basically. I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow, because i've had this ear infection for quite awhile. It was excruciatingly painful trying to get my earring out of my earhole, considering the dumbfuck that did my last holes seemed to have forgotten that you need to take OFF the stupid ass earrings once in awhile. Hopefully my jaw will be better tomorrow. Me mum was basically squeezing the pus out of my ear (oh believe me, it hurts as much as it seems). I have very sensitive ears too.
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