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Am I the only one who desperately wants to watch Kill Bill? X3. Despite being a Quentin Tarantino fan, i'm also a big fan of Battle Royale, plus sexy asian girls that happen to be in that movie. :B Call me a true romantic. I hope it's good. Because it looks pretty damn awesome (although i'm not a fan of Uma Therman).

I might go to the movies tonight. Although i'm not sure whether i'm going to go watch Kill Bill or that new Jack Black movie. Which most likely it'll be the Jack Black movie considering EVERYONE wants to go watch that. School of Rock or something of the sort. Personally, I think it looks kind of dumb. But it's gotten good reviews by some critics which is amazing. So I guess maybe i'll be surprised?

stolen survey from neko69

Which Do You Prefer?
coke or pepsi: Coke, definitely :b
macdonalds or burger king: ehh...both are basically the same to me.
winter or summer: I'm insatiable :p
rain or snow: Rain. I love rain.
moonlight or sunlight: Moonlight most of the time. It's really serene.
mercedes or bmw: Ehh..both are fine.
nsync or backstreet: Ehh they both are the same to me.
mtv or vh1: MTV2 :b
elimidate or dismissed: neither.
cats or dogs: Dogs, they are more motivated and eager to love.
pink or blue: Blue is me favorite color.
lions or tigers: Errr...bears.
long hair or short hair: Depends.
showers or baths: I think baths are very nice...but I can't take them in my godforbidden bathtub because it's too gross.
fendi or gucci: Gucci.
forever 21 or charlotte russe: Neither.
yellow gold or white gold: Ehh.
britney or christina: Christina. I think she has a better voice, and has more individuality.
jennifer anniston or courtney cox: Neither.
roses or orchids: Both are perty :B
margarine or butter: I didn't know the difference *cackles*
trance or house: Trance.
caterpillars or worms: ....e.e;
Tommy Hill or Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren.
tattooes or piercings: Piercings, up the wazoo.
cosmopolitan or glamour: Cosmopolitan.
Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin: Neither.
asian avenue or asiaroom: Never heard of asiaroom. So asianavenue lol. I had a site. Yeah, it was gay.
flares or bootcut: Bellbottoms.
chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
cigarettes or cigars: Cigarettes.
chicken or beef: Pork muwaha.
hip hop or r&b: They're both ok.
south park or king of the hill: South Park.
tom or jerry: Tom. Jerry always beat him! It was messed up.
sylvester or tweety: Sylvester.
chanel or louis vuitton: Louis Vuitton. Chanel cursed me for life.
hot coffee or iced coffee: Neither. i don't like coffee.
spring water or sparkling water: Didn't know there was a different :o
stilletos or platforms: Depends on the occasion.
volleyball or basketball: basketball.
football or hockey: air hockey :B
weakest link or who wants to be a millionare: uhhh...
days of our lives or the young and the restless: Days of our Lives xD
gummy bears or lifsavers: lifesavers.
dairy queen or baskin robins: baskin robins. Cuz they had one in Okinawa!
italian or mexican food: Itaaalian. I don't like Mexican food except for a Supreme chicken Chalupa :B
chow mein or lo mein: Lo mein.
hamburgers or hotdogs: hamburgers.
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Deleted comment

THANK YOU I've been trying to tell people it'll be dumb.
i want to see kill bill as well, i heard it was really good. As or that jack black flick that guy's hilarious,but not something i'd wanna watch over kill bill, you need to step on everyone's head's for wanting to go see that,when such films like kill bill are out. oi.

Deleted comment

Yeah I was lucky to find a small column of a bio of her and how she was in Kill Bill in Rolling Stone. But I would've known dead straight if I saw her in the previews :)