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Well i'm going to start using this. So I will comment to all of your..entries. Even if it is little. Considering the fact that my friends list on here is almost zero. Well..I guess not zero. But let's say, it's nothing quite significant.

Well life is ok. Boring (as usual :p), and busy at the same time. I'm waiting to get picked up to go to my friend's house to play video games X3 Unfortunate students like myself can't afford cars OR video game systems. Joy. Honestly, i'm lovin' being single again. Except for the fact that I'm still kind of connected to 2 boys. And if I broke that little chain everything is basically back to shitty again. But I just don't want totally meaningful relationships. I want just little dates and such. I already have someone in mind, but I can't really back off this. Damnit. Anyway :p Boys suck anyway.
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